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  1. A one day beekeeper
  2. Not looking my best...
  3. Derek's future.............
  4. family pic
  5. Picture of my little ones...
  6. My youngest braving the bees
  7. Here's a pic of our crew
  8. Shhhhhhhhhh, grandpa's pet.
  9. My new grandbaby
  10. Easter Birthday
  11. A new beekeeper's helper in the making
  12. Today's the day
  13. tecumseh with joe
  14. My helper (better protected)
  15. First time at the hives
  16. A little home made music..wishing you a happy Christmas!
  17. my 2 marine sons in dress blues
  18. our new bee hive
  19. Spring Extraction Day--2012
  20. Father's Day Gifts
  21. How do you feed your dog?
  22. The Best Day of My Life!
  23. Easter Dinner.
  24. Yum!
  25. Old men shouldn't cry, but I did today.
  26. Quality time