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Sep 5th 2009, 12:49 PM
Just taking a break from working on refoofing my motorhome.
Enjoying the education between Tec and sqkcrk on afb. Lucky, I haven't yet seen it yet, just some chalkbrood in one isolated hive, one time.
Made my annual pilgramage to the beach last week for my DW. The shuttle launch view was really good from the beach, but the noise was incredible, when it finally started, it kept going and going. No wonder I didn't catch anything surf fishing, must have scared every fish in a hundred miles.
State hive inspection went well, all good that he looked at. Had two he thinks I ought to split with bought queens. This late in the year he may be right, I have very few drones. Of course he has to abide by Fl's "Best Bee Management" criteria.
Fall must be on it's way, the wolve's are startin to heal up on my squirrels. They come in here and get on top of my monitor and demand peanuts. Yeah, we give em to em while we are on the computer. Really can be bad though when two get in a scuffle and one winds up in your lap.
Back up the ladder.

Sep 7th 2009, 07:49 PM
roof work... one of my most unfavorite jobs when I was doing residential contracting. somewhat like beekeeping in that certain things you can only do when it is way too hot.

I am also glad to hear your visit with the state inspector went well. looking backward the first time was somewhat uncertain/unsettling since I just did know the routine or what was expected . the second time was a real pleasure. more than anything else I think I get some measure (year to year) of how my own stock is doing relative to other folks bees.

I think it might be fruitful to us all for you to keep us well informed as to exactly what 'best management practices' means now and how it may change from time to time.

best to ya'..