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Dec 14th 2009, 01:04 PM
The young man waded thru the knee deep water of the beaver flooded woods. He was trying to get to the small island ahead to set up his duck hunting stand. There were four other young men spread between the two beaver ponds, the second down stream from him. There was an older man on the high bank of the stream that connected the two ponds. Wading thru the shallow area of the pond brought memories of just a months passed when he did much the same in a rice paddy. At last he reached the island and called out he was in place. In the second pond a small pram was launched from the shore then paddled to the opposite side of that pond. Mallards that had been feeding near the lily pads on that side flew off up stream passing the man on the high banks. He fired twice and dropped to drakes in the stream. They reached the end where the island was and the young man lay in wait. As they flaired to land he shot once and missed the second and third shots were right on and two more drakes dropped. The flock wheeled around going down stream to the second pond again. As they passed the older man on the stream bank another dropped at his shot. This flock landed in the second pond well out of range of the two men in the pram. A second flock arrived over the tree tops and set wings to land near the lily pads. The shots rang out and five mergansers dropped in the pond. The older man held his fire as he was not fond of mergansers. The young man on the island downed three as they circled the island.
The older man yelled that was enough for the day, time to collect the game at that spot.
As the young man gathered his game the memories again came rushing back to him of the Southeast Asia rice paddy. He remembered the noise the smell and the taste of the dirty water. He remembered the blood as it leaked from the chest of the man beside him as he reached the dike. He remembered holding the man down as he placed the plastic sheet over the wound binding it in place.
As he came out of the water he was met by the older man who took the ducks in his clutch. The older man said it's all right son I under stand, time will heal the hurt.
The young man never hunted ducks again. Time did not heal the ache within the young mans body. As he grew older he seen a President pardon those who refused to serve making a mockery of the young mans service and the death of friends he had went to school with, served with. Today as an old man he once again seen other young men sent to serve for a lie. He sees the young men returning war ravaged to a cess pool where there is not enough money to treat them properly in a clean hospital. A place where there isn't money for doctors to treat them. He sees them return to a job that is no longer there it is in China now. He watches in anger as some idiot stands on a stock market floor and yells because for a change the government is spending money in an attempt to help AMERICANS. The idiot is too stupid having lived a peaceful life with a good well paying job, with a full belly to relize those people who bought homes beyond their means are long gone. Those needing the help today are the people who lost jobs and can not find a good paying job.AMERICAN tax money was being spent in some other country, instead of AMERICA, to train workers for new jobs.
No that hurt never did heal in the young man.

:mrgreen: Al

Dec 14th 2009, 05:22 PM
Amen Brother, I was there.

Dec 14th 2009, 05:26 PM
Thank you, and a big salute for you!

Dec 14th 2009, 08:02 PM
Thank you for that, you won't find truer words...

Dec 15th 2009, 05:42 PM
From my heart.
I volunteered and they 4f'd me. I had 3 cousins and numerous friends go. I was the first in my family that didn't serve, I always felt ashamed. My granddaddy's WWI helmet and gas mask from the ditches in France hang above me as I type. My Daddy's bosun whistle and the flag that draped his coffin are in the house. My stepfather would only talk about it to me when drunk, he was Army Airborne. About being parachuted behind the lines and hand to hand taking a train, totally covered with blood (not his) and no place to wash it off afterward.
Thanks Alley, for once again reminding me what this country was bought with and how its being/been given away.

Dec 16th 2009, 11:31 AM
This is the story of my friend Mike. He now lives in Canada. After loosing his job to China in 2004 he went there to get a job in the oil fields. He likes the job and money that goes with it. Said the people are fine too, so many work the oil fields they import workers from the phillipiness to work the fast food joints and some of the less classy resturants.

:mrgreen: Al

the kid
Dec 17th 2009, 07:30 PM
I was lucky and spent my time in Germany ( 5/ 69 to 5/71 drafted ) one of the last drafted from mn .
but now as least , when they come home they don't have garbage thrown at them , and called baby killers .
as my brother was ...
for us it was a weekly thing to talk one or more , of them that had been in Nam , back out of the fire fight , flash back ,,