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Sep 7th 2010, 11:53 AM
My name is Ruth and i'm a Masters student at the University of Glamorgan. I'm currently conducting my dissertation which is looking into the effects of hive type and apicultural practice on bee health. It was brought to my attention by a Top Bar enthusiast that he had heard many advocate the feral style of beekeeping as a 'healthier' option and as a way to sustain bee numbers in relation to colony collapse disorder and he wondered if this type of hive could be used sustainably in the UK to this end. I thought I would subject this to scientific analysis.

Sorry but this questionnaire is only open to beekeepers in the UK , though I would welcome comments on this thread from anyone, please feel free to leave your opinions/evidence etc. on this subject. :D

Could you possibly take 5 minutes to complete my survey? I will guarantee anonymity for all respondents and any personal information will be strictly for my eyes only.Please feel free to check the link out below;

http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-surve ... II_38cd04e (http://www.kwiksurveys.com/online-survey.php?surveyID=KBEDII_38cd04e)

Thanks, Ruth :D

Sep 8th 2010, 05:46 AM
gosh a very short survey...

here (in the USA) such a survey would have to be at least 100 question with 4 or 5 of the same questions repeated four or five times.

good luck in your endeavors...