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Jun 12th 2011, 05:13 PM
Bee workshops at the USF Botanical Gardens in Tampa, Florida start at 10:00 on Saturday. The first hour is lecture, followed by question and answer, followed by practical experiences with the hives. This year we are offering greater depth in the afternoon on the same topics as the morning. It is in preparation for a Apidology or Apiculture (that's bees if you didn't graduate) course at USF.
June 18
Florida Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Best Management Practices (BMP) (determining DPP thresholds and level of treatment)
July 16
Queens and requeening
August 20
Products of the hive (beeswax, comb, propolis, pollen, honey)
Honey extraction
September 17
Projects and Bee College prep
October 22 (may change with Fall Bee College schedule)
Fall management (feeding, splits, IPM)
November 19
Winter management ( feeding, entrance reducer, ventilation, crowd supers)
December 17
Spring management (requeen, room for nectar flow, swarm control)

Nov 14th 2011, 08:48 PM
2012 Schedule
January 21 - Pollination, Bee Friendly Garden, Bee stings, Beekeeper mentoring program, What is a beehive USF
February 18 - Beekeeping equipment and tools, Dress for success, Honeybee biology, Smoker practice USF
March 3, 24 - Building beehives PRACTICAL (hammers, wood glue, hive kits) USF
April 21 - Swarms, splits and package bees PRACTICAL (bring hive ready to fill with bees) USF
May 19 - Beehive inspection, Diseases, Pests, Parasites USF
June 16 - Florida Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Best Management Practices (BMP) USF
July 21 - Queens and requeening USF
July 20-22 Queen Rearing
August 18 - Products of the hive, Honey extraction USF
September 22 - Projects and Bee College Prep USF
October 20 - Fall management USF