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Walt B
Nov 13th 2011, 09:00 AM
The recent dryness has resulted in the death of several Ash Junipers I didn't think you could kill them).

Anyway, I thought that, rather than burning the whole tree, I could shred up anything with a limb of 3" or smaller and use it for path mulch.

After the initial shredding, I'm thinking it would keep the assorted limbs that come down from winds under control.

Does anyone have any experience with chipper/shredders?

RE Jones
Nov 13th 2011, 10:24 AM
I have an old Troy-Built 10 hp chipper shredder that I have been using for 10-15 years. The only thing that I have had to do was replace the bearings on the flywheel, cost me $40.00.
I need to remove the chipper blades and have them sharpened as I can tell it does not chip limbs like it used to do.
It will handle a 3"-4" limb with no problem.
If you use the shredder,DO NOT have a tight grip on the limb that you are running through. It will rip it out of your hands and if you do not have gloves on, you will pay for it. Don't ask me how I know!