View Full Version : what to do? flow slowed down,have some honey in the supers, need to feed

Jul 16th 2012, 03:59 PM
looks like the flow may have slowed down here in n.j. i still have honey supers on which have some capped and un capped honey. the brood boxes are some what empty with honey and i see capped brood. i think i need to think about feeding. if i choose to feed what should i do with the honey that is in the supers? i was thinking about leaving them on but don't want the bees to fill them with sugar honey and mess up my marketable honey.

what do u recommend?

Jul 16th 2012, 04:47 PM
You could pull the honey and place the supers in a small room with heat and run a dehumidifier for a couple days till you get the uncapped stuff down below 18%.
Or, you could forgo the harvest and leave it for the bees.

Jul 16th 2012, 05:21 PM
if the flow is slowing down, i would wait and leave the supers on, another flow might start back up, and the supers give them the feed they need rather than feeding them sugar syrup. there is no reason to feed them as long as you have honey to give them in a super. as perry said " forgo the harvest and leave it for the bees." if a flow resumes, the bees will finish the work and cap the remaining honey if they have not moved it or consumed it and you can harvest later.:grin: