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Apr 25th 2009, 08:34 AM
I am a new bee keeper and was proud my 2 hives made it through the winter. I just added my honey supers and was already picturing harvesting honey. Got a call from my husband that a bear had been to my bee yard. I managed to salvage both hives and felt good about them making it. Already planned to put up an electric fence come the weekend. I got a call from my husband the next day again that the bear had been back. This time I believe I lost the second hive. We brought them to our house from our farm for a few days. We have moved the bee yard and put up an electric fence (should have done it last year). When I move the hives back to the farm on Monday I think I will have to combine both hives.

Just need to vent I know it was reckless to not have put up the fence earlier and can't believe I got hit two nights in a row. Our farm is 85 acres and backs up to a 5000 acre block of timber company woodlands. When we sell our house we will be living on the farm and can keep a better watch on the girls.

Apr 25th 2009, 03:22 PM
Welcome to the forums forester801! Sorry to here about your bear problem, we've had a few threads on bears here. Do a search for bears and you'll see. 1of6 posted a good picture of his electric setup here:


That bear'll keep coming back so long as he knows those hives are there ;)

Apr 26th 2009, 06:24 AM
I am sorry to hear about the bears.

I sometimes wish I could trade a few teenagers for a bear. ;) "Hive tipping" seems more fun to some than "cow tipping".... :(