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  1. 3 forms Of Wholesale Clothing That in Order To Be Hanging In Your Closet

    Cost not is typically one for the determining factors for what many people purchase but additionally how often they make such purchases. Because many online shops buy in much larger bulk than your local boutique, this means that they pay less and can ultimately pass those savings onto the customer. And easily one the greatest benefits of shopping online to you the customer. And the cheaper pricing is usually spread across all items- often include typical accessories. This may translate in the customer ...
  2. Buy Newest Style Dresses For Girls On the web

    In reality, actresses and models have been seen appearing at film debuts and other public occasions donning such put on. This head gear can be paired with evening gowns and heels, especially if the wrap matches or complements ladies' attire. If you are searching for White Stuff discount code then a best place to find them is voucher code at this website try it and save some wonga The clothes line contains hats, pants, polo shirts, jackets, sun glasses and even sandals. Excellent ...
  3. So, what's up?

    Playing with a double mating nuc a friend of mine gave to me some time ago. I have made queens using a very simple method before but always to get placed into splits or such so that just keeping them in a mating nuc is really a new thing to me.

    I didn't get any paperwork with the nuc so I am trying to find any documentation and direction I can to see how they intend on it being used and how beekeepers actually use it.

    My goal is to make more queens on a regular basis for ...
  4. Interesting Video on how to split a hive
    More than Honey + Rose Method video

    • First time I've watched a video showing how to make a "shook swarm". If my hives survive the winter, I might try this as a management strategy.
    • Note to self: Those foam strips that people use to stuff cracks around their window air conditioner unit would make a good temporary hive entrance stuffer for moving a hive.
    • I don't know if I agree with this guy's philosophy of getting
  5. Semi-Random Thought of the Day

    It is a well-established axiom of human existence that women are beautiful. Since time immemorial, artists have painted, sculpted and drew portraits of women as examples of beauty in many forms. When a man stands in front of such artwork and stares at it silently for a long time, such behavior is considered well within bounds of social appropriateness, and people assume that the man's motives are pure and good. When a man stands in front of the inspiration for such artwork ( a real, live woman) ...
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