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  1. Kickstarter needs help from everyone please ( YES THAT IS YOU TOO ).

    Please take time to read this post and look at the kickstarter before you make comments or ask questions.

    I have a kickstarter that I started a couple days ago. It seems that it is dragging its feet a little and could use the wings of the bees to lift it up a little so the feet aren't dragging anymore. When someone makes a pledge they get something in return for that pledge, so it is not money for nothing. I am putting everything I have into it. I have all the new honeybee equipment ...
  2. I sell bee bread


    I want to offer to buy bee bread, harvested in 2015. Our products have ,Protected Designation of Origin" sign.

    1.Bee's Bread from wild flowers, meadows, forest.
    2. 100 % natural and pure.
    3.Around hives no agriculture, farmlands or industry.
    4. Bee bread was picked with hands ( removed wax spices...)
    5. Sejny/Lazdijai region bee's products have ,,Protected Designation of Origin" sign.
    More about ,,Protected Designation of Origin" ...
  3. Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

    by , Aug 8th 2015 at 06:41 AM (Treatment for Ulcerative Colitis)
    Does anyone have experience using Bee products to treat a severe case of Ulcerative Colitis. Suggestions appreciated
  4. So, what's up?

    Playing with a double mating nuc a friend of mine gave to me some time ago. I have made queens using a very simple method before but always to get placed into splits or such so that just keeping them in a mating nuc is really a new thing to me.

    I didn't get any paperwork with the nuc so I am trying to find any documentation and direction I can to see how they intend on it being used and how beekeepers actually use it.

    My goal is to make more queens on a regular basis for ...
  5. Interesting Video on how to split a hive
    More than Honey + Rose Method video

    • First time I've watched a video showing how to make a "shook swarm". If my hives survive the winter, I might try this as a management strategy.
    • Note to self: Those foam strips that people use to stuff cracks around their window air conditioner unit would make a good temporary hive entrance stuffer for moving a hive.
    • I don't know if I agree with this guy's philosophy of getting
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