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  1. After swarm on the ground in front of healthy hive, with a young queen?

    Half a cup of bees do not a hive make. She is a pretty little queen, I've picked her up, she returned to her chosen bees. There is fighting near the entrance of the hive, not a lot, seems the workers have divided. I have no clean free of disease comb to give them, if she is not mated and I shut them up will she mate properly? I do have plenty of sugar water. I can move them into a nuc and try to get them to stay. For now they are settled in for the night at ground level and I have penned my chickens ...
  2. May 25th 2013, Eclipse moment.

    Otherwise known as an aha moment.

    On April 28, 2012 I lost half the fish in one of my ponds because I had to quit working on it to go pick up nucs

    I did cutouts and caught swarms in 2012 and got all stocked up with nice bees, learned to kill the queen of the hot hive and requeen, all good to go.

    In 2013 I learned to make candles because old wax can carry EFB when the bees have no symptoms.

    And I learned that in 2 years there still isn't much forage ...
  3. April - May 2013 updates

    April 4th 2013 -
    I reversed 3 of my hives, when the bottom was empty and the top was full of bees and brood. I actually saw one queen. I did not change the position of the frames except to be sure that full stores frames if there were any, ended up above the broodnest for easy access for the nurse bees. (outside frames with stores were present on 2 of those hives I think, I moved empty frames to the outside. I did not mix up the brood frames at all, bees have enough trouble going from ...
  4. March - April 2nd, 2013 status update

    March 13, 2013
    My goals: colony health and honey production, swarm prevention. I am at 5 hives, plan on selling at least one, possibly more, to reduce the number I am feeding this summer.

    So I want strong healthy but preferably not swarming off into the distance. And I have never had honey, so I would like honey.

    I will be looking in the hives around noon tomorrow, well between noon and 2, to see what I find.

    If I see queen cells I obviously need to ...
  5. pictures!

    Hot hive foundationless comb!

    I found the queen cup on 8/30 or 8/31 - the day I found my italian queen wandering on the front porch.
    Foundationless has its moments, a place to hide the queen cup. 20 lb test weight fishingline for extra support.
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