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kfkf2424 Junior Member   Sep 26th 2013 0 Today 08:52 PM Environmental Studies Major, Nature Lover, Mother of two, Ist year beekeeping with husband JohnBinghamton, NYHiking, Birding, BeekeepingVolunteer Coordinator
beebuzzed Junior Member   Mar 12th 2015 3 Today 08:49 PM     
Zookeep Senior Member   Sep 13th 2011 1,250 Today 08:03 PM  Sarasota floridafishing, beekeeping, old riflescarpenter/ remodels I run a small company called L B Custom inc
paint504 Junior Member   Dec 26th 2014 0 Today 07:26 PM     
lecram Junior Member   Jan 24th 2014 2 Today 07:26 PM     
pkrab Junior Member   Today 0 Today 06:10 PM     
Versipelis Member   Jul 30th 2014 35 Today 05:51 PM  Tampa, Florida  
Oblio13 Junior Member   Aug 5th 2013 18 Today 04:28 PM  New Hampshire  
Ray Senior Member   Nov 22nd 2012 510 Today 03:56 PM Old bach that decided the only way to get lots of girls: Was :-) White, rural, tree-hugging, gun owning, left leaning troll1 Hour North of Grand Rapids Michigan. USDA Hardiness Zone 6bBeekeeping. antique machinery and cars.Millwright
JosephCarboni Junior Member   Apr 18th 2015 5 Today 01:12 PM     
DoubleR Super Moderator   Dec 29th 2014 32 Today 10:58 AM     
Beeman95 Junior Member   Feb 10th 2015 6 Today 10:42 AM  Chambersburg, PAHunting, mechanics, BEEKEEPING!!Under car mechanic
MAXANT Junior Member Visit MAXANT's homepage! Mar 14th 2009 17 Today 09:15 AM  Massachusetts  
BKF Administrator   Jul 9th 2008 239 Today 08:14 AM  Texas  
Guba Junior Member   Aug 21st 2010 20 Today 07:27 AM  NE Ohiotropical fish, gardening, Honda Rebels, no particular order. Oh! and bee's.factory maintenance tech
kebee Senior Member   Feb 5th 2012 923 Today 06:45 AM I am 74 years old, I got reinterest in bees because My dad had 32 hives at one time. My wife is all for me keeping bees but will not help, my thing she says but it is getting stung I know. Had two kids, one son who died of heart failure 2 years ago and one mean daughter. Have two step sons who I can coumt on anytime. 3 grand daughter by my daughter and 1 son and daughter by my stepsons.Smiths Station AlModel trains and beesretired
camero7 Senior Member Visit camero7's homepage! Nov 12th 2009 294 Today 06:02 AM  Millbury, MA Sideliner/ Social worker
Geobees Junior Member   Mar 29th 2015 0 Today 04:30 AM  Houston, TX  
ImaSissons Junior Member Visit ImaSissons's homepage! Mar 3rd 2015 0 Today 02:22 AM Margo is what's created on my beginning certificate and I feel comfortable when individuals use the complete name. In my expert life I am a reservation and transportation ticket agent. Doing 3d graphics is what I do each 7 days. Wisconsin is exactly where my house is. If you want to find out more verify out my website: Football, Crochetinghigh school
bobwheel Junior Member   Mar 27th 2015 12 Yesterday 11:11 PM     
brian8t Junior Member   Nov 3rd 2008 1 Yesterday 08:21 PM  Olive Branch, MS  
Barbarian Senior Member   Jan 1st 2012 711 Yesterday 03:58 PM  Manchester, United KingdomArchaeology, Bridge 
bkilman Junior Member   Nov 5th 2014 0 Yesterday 12:52 PM     
rakirby Junior Member   Jun 25th 2013 1 Yesterday 12:37 PM  Colorado  
bee stung Member   Mar 1st 2009 79 Yesterday 10:20 AM  mnbees 
GrayGuy Junior Member   Dec 19th 2011 29 Yesterday 09:56 AM  Texas  
ibeelearning Senior Member Visit ibeelearning's homepage! Jul 4th 2011 131 Yesterday 07:40 AM 2015 starts 5th year with bees; the learning curve so far has been very, very steep. But, I'm hooked.NE Alabama & New Jersey;;
Joe Junior Member   Jan 2nd 2010 29 Yesterday 07:39 AM  Greenwich, Connecticut  
Walt B Senior Member Visit Walt B's homepage! Oct 16th 2009 1,146 Yesterday 06:34 AM  Marlin, TexasBees, Attracting Wildlife, Gardening, WineRetired Engineer
kittyrhys Junior Member   Apr 18th 2015 0 Yesterday 05:15 AM     
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