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kfkf2424 Junior Member   Sep 26th 2013 0 Today 09:36 PM Environmental Studies Major, Nature Lover, Mother of two, Ist year beekeeping with husband JohnBinghamton, NYHiking, Birding, BeekeepingVolunteer Coordinator
Effloew Junior Member   Apr 15th 2014 0 Today 09:23 PM     
beerandales Junior Member   Dec 21st 2013 3 Today 09:21 PM  Sutton Vermont  
Zookeep Senior Member   Sep 13th 2011 1,188 Today 08:31 PM  Sarasota floridafishing, beekeeping, old riflescarpenter/ remodels I run a small company called L B Custom inc
MT204 Junior Member   Jul 15th 2012 3 Today 08:12 PM  NW MONTANA  
Gator_56 Member Visit Gator_56's homepage! Apr 17th 2012 96 Today 07:18 PM, Florida, United StatesGulf Hammock, College football, Sandbar, hunting and fishing Tombstone Merle Haggard, Rob Hatch, TalBail Bondsman
Americasbeekeeper Senior Member Visit Americasbeekeeper's homepage! Jun 8th 2011 1,097 Today 05:36 PM  Alachua County, FLbeekeeping, sailing, water skiing, kayakingFlorida Apiary Inspection Supervisor
kebee Senior Member   Feb 5th 2012 876 Today 05:24 PM I am 74 years old, I got reinterest in bees because My dad had 32 hives at one time. My wife is all for me keeping bees but will not help, my thing she says but it is getting stung I know. Had two kids, one son who died of heart failure 2 years ago and one mean daughter. Have two step sons who I can coumt on anytime. 3 grand daughter by my daughter and 1 son and daughter by my stepsons.Smiths Station AlModel trains and beesretired
Beeswax Paintings Junior Member Visit Beeswax Paintings's homepage! Apr 14th 2014 15 Today 05:02 PM Born in Manila, I moved to Toronto as a teenager and later lived in Chicago. Now I live in North Carolina. I paint with beeswax.Wake Forest, NCRunning, swimming, cooking, travel.Fine Artist
twjackson Junior Member   Jul 20th 2014 0 Today 04:32 PM     
larry tate Senior Member   Mar 12th 2009 132 Today 03:00 PM  Winston Salem NC  
Falesh Junior Member   Jun 13th 2014 10 Today 12:24 PM  York, UK  
Neechy Junior Member   Jun 21st 2012 0 Today 11:52 AM  Trinidad and Tobago  
camero7 Senior Member Visit camero7's homepage! Nov 12th 2009 231 Today 11:45 AM  Millbury, MA Sideliner/ Social worker
ibeelearning Member   Jul 4th 2011 87 Today 10:54 AM 4th year with bees; the learning curve so far has been very, very steep. But, I'm hooked.NE Alabama & New Jersey;;
CROWEmtnFARMS Junior Member   Apr 7th 2014 25 Today 10:28 AM     
BKF Administrator   Jul 9th 2008 203 Today 10:23 AM  Texas  
Barbarian Senior Member   Jan 1st 2012 686 Today 09:36 AM  Manchester, United KingdomArchaeology, Bridge 
JLeasure Junior Member   Apr 29th 2014 10 Today 04:57 AM     
zjm512400 Junior Member   May 30th 2014 0 Today 03:28 AM  New York  
barry42001 Senior Member   Mar 19th 2009 1,320 Yesterday 11:16 PM Was born and raised in North Wales Pa. where had my first hive of bees, at age 17, expanded to 7 hives, sold them 11 years later, when I moved to the Village of Philadelphia, NY about 120 miles north of Syracuse. I got 5 more hives and maintained them for 12 years losing 3 of them in the last year selling the rest, before moving to Jacksonville Fl where I am starting over again, one failed trap-out I am nursing along, and 3 more( packages) in April, a bit late for Florida, but it will be OK lol. Due to stroke related weakness retired from post office reside in Inglis, FloridaIngls, Florida 34449Beekeeping, hertepologyBuilding Equipment Mechanic ( retired )
lecram Junior Member   Jan 24th 2014 2 Yesterday 08:23 PM     
dirt road Junior Member   Dec 18th 2012 0 Yesterday 06:30 PM  Idaho, United States  
CatskillHoneyBee Junior Member   Feb 27th 2014 6 Yesterday 01:58 PM  Catskill Mtns NY  
gemniii Junior Member   Jul 17th 2014 0 Yesterday 12:45 PM  Mississippi and Virgina  
TheBeesKneesApiary Junior Member   May 10th 2014 0 Yesterday 08:19 AM     
GQuu Junior Member Visit GQuu's homepage! Jul 22nd 2014 0 Jul 22nd 2014 10:09 PM This list of tips should put you "in the know" to properly apply techniques and products to your pheromones plan. Fill an empty lip gloss pot or a tiny jar with ypur choice. Use a dab of moisturizer aany time yyou feeel like your skin is dry. Research as shown that most peple find pheromones in symmetry. If you want to appear more beautiful, strive for symmetry. Whether that means in your makeup applicatioon or your hair, or trimming a beard and or mustache, eneure that they are mirror images oof each other on thee left and right sides. Exfoliate before you apply a spray tan. This will help to creaate a smooth and remove layers of dead skin cells. This helps your artificial tan to look gdeat and even it out. This will also enhances the lifespan of your tan and look more like the real tan. Look for mascara and eyeliners that are dark brown with hints of brick, deep purple, or brick hues inn them. 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PATRICKSTOLL Junior Member   Jul 2nd 2014 0 Jul 22nd 2014 08:18 PM  United States  
toribella Junior Member   May 21st 2014 0 Jul 22nd 2014 07:35 PM     
TreeWinder Junior Member   Jul 5th 2013 24 Jul 22nd 2014 06:38 PM Originally from MaineAccomac, Va.TBH-Bees, trees, fishing, woodworkingConstruction Engineering
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