Warré Hive Inspection! Need Suggestions.

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    Warré Hive Inspection! Need Suggestions.

    Hey guys,

    Here is a video from the hive inspection I did today. I also added a super.


    Please offer any suggestions to a first year beekeeper!



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    I am not a Warre keeper.

    I don't like to put honeycomb out for the bees to clear up. In my area this could start robbing and there is always the risk of visiting bees bringing disease.

    For jar feeders, I like to make the holes in the cap very small with a hot fine needle. With day and night temperature variation you can get the syrup in the feeder expanding and contracting. This makes a pumping action.

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    You can take hair clips and zip ties and put comb onto top bars. Bees will attach and then you cut out clip later

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    also if you have a feeder with drilled openings resting directly on wood it will seep. I use only glass jars and I get the lids from Dadant as the holes are drilled small enough and glass shrinks and expands less. I agree that leaving honeycomb out for the bees to rob can draw other bees to your yard to rob your hive. A plastic hair clip ziptied to the top bar can clip the comb to the frame.
    No, maybe I should do a few more hive inspections before trying to cram 3 hive visits into one trip.

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    I never worry about the pumping action. See it every morning. Bees clean it right up. I use 1/16" drill bit for the holes in my buckets and jars.

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