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    Lost Bee Yard

    This fall we had 20 hives in our yard, all hives had a minimum of 2 deep supers of honey stores, were all strong and thriving, with no indication of issues. Last check was in November, then on warm up in January I checked again and all hives were dead. There wasn't indication of starvation(plenty of honey remaining), or moisture die off, and there were minimal dead carcasses within the hives. It seemed as though all the hives absconded, which seems pretty insane. I'm needing to figure this out, this loss is detrimental to our household. I have another single hive roughly 500 yards away that is thriving. If they died due to poisoning or CCD with dead bees at front of hives I am unable to tell due to the weather. I'm weighing the poisoning less since I have a strong hive 500 yards away. Is there someplace I can send something to get tested in New York? I don't know specifically when they died or absconded is there a specific time frame where "test samples" need to be submitted. I'm at a loss as to what has caused this and am looking for some input please. I reside in the foothills of the Catskills in the 88 corridor and am trying to grasp what has happened. We are treatment free, but cannot guarantee organic due to land around us. I'm looking forward to your responses.

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    I am having similar issues... I've lost about 80% of my hives so far... going to be a costly rebuild this spring.... I believe it is a virulent form of DWV, but I'm not sure... I will be sending some bees to Beltsville and to Dave Wick to have them tested. I will post results.
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