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    I have a new bee feeder for the beekeeping community. The Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder is just that, Ultimate!

    It combines a variety of feeding principles that addresses your feeding needs. No more drowning, starving or fighting hives. The Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder is placed upside down, right on top of the frames. Being that the feeder is placed right on top of the frames; it allows faster access, quicker hive building and greater protection. Place an empty medium hive body over it; add inner cover if you wish then your telescoping top.

    This patent pending product has been designed and tested, proving itself year after year!

    I know what youíre thinking.... "thatís just another pail feeder, nothing special or new about that"

    THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER PAIL FEEDER and YES there is something new about this! I know it looks simple...but IT WORKS BETTER than other pail feeders.

    The difference is the micro perforations that span the ENTIRE LID (not just a small hole with a mesh screen or a plug), thus providing more access to more bees...! As some of you have said "the concept has been around for years... and you are right. However, I know for a fact that many of you are not happy with the currant pail feeders on the market:

    1. The feeder holes or mesh is small and gets junked up... hard to clean
    2. The pail feeders out there are big and require deep boxes
    3. Pails are solid color and hard to see how much feed is left (my feeder is clear)
    4. Lids are super hard to remove and may require a lid tool
    5. Being that they are 1-2 Gallons, syrup may ferment or mold NOT GOOD!

    I did not set out to invent or sell products. I did not like what was out there and decided to make something for myself. I made improvements to an old system that became complacent and needed a fixing...thatís all. After years of successful use it was brought to my attention to bring this to market so that others can stop spending 100's of dollars on feeders they donít like. So here we are!

    The 2.5 Quart feeders are:
    7.50 each plus shipping
    7.00 5 or more plus shipping.

    Shipping via; Fed Ex, UPS, USPS... rates vary depending on your location and allows you to choose for the best rate.

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    Re: New Bee Feeders for sale - selling fast

    I've used a couple different kinds of feeders including the Collins Ultimate Bee Feeder and have been very pleased with this product. Good quality and value, easy to use and no leaking in the bees. In addition, the the service is great---the folks at Collins are helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

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    Re: New Bee Feeders for sale - selling fast

    Kind of sounds like you guys are in business together !


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