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    Thread difficulties.

    I have seen the suggestion to keep all information about a hive on one thread. Owing to time restrictions, I just click new posts and read what is new, but I do have threads I'm following set to email notification.

    Still things fall between the cracks - it seems that even if I post a new reply on an old thread it doesn't appear to me, nor do I get new replies so is anyone else seeing that there was a further question? Starting a new thread can mean transferring the information over, and doubtless chews up some drive space.

    Suggestions on getting the best out of the forum? Tools, etc.?


    No, maybe I should do a few more hive inspections before trying to cram 3 hive visits into one trip.

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    At the top of the page, under the word contact, click on "forum actions". Click "mark forums read".
    Then the forums you haven't read will be highlighted. You can read the ones you want, and skip the ones you aren't interested in. When you come back later, the ones not read will still be highlighted, so you don't forget which ones they are. You can"clear the board" as often as needed.

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    There are a few different way's to keep track of threads, as iddee say's marking all read is handy and you'll be able to track down everything new. Your already using "What's New" and that helps too. When you go to the settings page in the upper right corner it should show all your subscribed threads if you have it set up that way.

    Check your settings for thread subscriptions by going to (upper right corner) Settings -> General Settings -> scroll down to "Messaging and Notification" you can have your subscribed threads listed in your control panel, emailed instantly, daily, or weekly.

    You can also subscribe to a thread without replying to it by clicking "Thread Tools" at the top of a thread and choosing "subscribe to this thread"

    Hope that helps!
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