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    One for Jack

    A farmer wins the ten million dollar lottery and is being interviewed.
    He is asked what he is going to do with all the money.
    "Oh, I guess the first thing I'll do is go and pay a few bills."
    "And what about the rest?" the reporter asks.
    The farmer shrugs, "Well, I guess they'll just have to wait."

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    Funny, with a whole lot of truth!

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    He had to add an extension to his carport:

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    Believe it or not, he was actually lucky twice that day. Not only did he win the lottery, he met and fell in love with the woman of his dreams! What are the chances of that!!!???

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    And she's smart, too! Here's what she has to say about shopping:

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    Greg Whitehead
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    Watts Bar Weather

    Greg's Bee Adventure

    At this point, everything I do is an experiment!

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    Perry, i kept enough money back to go visit Zane in Alaska for the rest of the summer ( hmmmm, it's cool where you live to, isn't it),tec, and Walt sent their weather from last year to Mo. I have to put up hay today and it's going to be 102f. Greg, that picture of me must of been from last year when i lost weight, my wife has been making alot of home made ice cream the last three months and i'm back to my old weight. Now that you seen a picture of my wife, you can see why i go everywhere with her, and i don't give her much money to buy clothing with. Jack


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