Things you never thought would be good with honey

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    Things you never thought would be good with honey

    So the other day I was quickly making lunch for work. I used the same space I had just made my breakfast of peanut butter and honey toast to make my tunafish sandwitch.

    Later at lunch i was wondering why this tuna just tasted so good. Best sandwitch i had ever eaten. Apparently some of the honey dripped onto the cutting board and got onto the bread I used for the tuna sandwitch. Never would have thought honey and tuna would go well together. Maybe next time i will try it on purpose.

    Have any of you had happy honey accidents?

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    Well, I like to glaze grilled salmon with honey...not too odd to think it would be tasty on tuna.


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    The best jerky you ever ate.........

    Deer jerky

    1 cup soy sauce
    1 cup worcestershire sauce
    4 tablespoon catchup
    4 tablespoon honey
    1 teaspoon ground red pepper, or to taste
    1 teaspoon garlic powder
    1 teaspoon onion salt
    2 teaspoon salt

    Marinate 24 hours in frig.
    Dry at 135 to 145 F. until consistency desired is obtained. "Usually 12 to 24 hours in my dehydrator". Limber should be stored in frig. Totally dry will keep on shelf or in hunting coat pocket.
    Turning each piece over and reversing the trays midway will give a more consistent drying.

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    Maybe I should have tried some on the short ribs I BBQ'd this evening. Had friends over and I did roasted potatoe's, vegetable kabobs, and beef short ribs I had marinating for 2 whole days.
    Tough? I've had shoe leather that was easier to chew. Don't know what went wrong (low and slow) but I was embarrased at the end of it.

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    Tart apple pie. Put very little sugar in the apple pie, when cooked and served drizzel honey over it.

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    Baked chicken breast. Butterfly a boneless, skinless chicken breast. Cover it in honey and then dredge in unsalted tops saltines that are crushed and mixed with paprika. Bake until done. Very moist and healthy. Very easy too.

    I also make pizza sauce with honey.


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