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  1. The Photo Gallery
    This is my favorite bee picture that I took so far. I really like it!! It was taken at Delaware Universty
  2. Find a Beekeeper
    Professional Free Bee Swarm Removal in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Tooele Utah __________________________________________________ Sol Nectar Honey Free Bee Swarm Removal, Honey, Wax, Pollination
  3. Beekeeping 101
    I'm a bee lover who is interested in keeping bees once springtime comes around. I have no prior knowledge of keeping bees but would love to learn more. Any advice is helpful! Things I want to know are along the lines of.... general bee keeping tips supplies for beginning beekeeping useful...
  4. Mason & other alternative bees
    I have a wood half pallet on my balcony that I've been drying out to take apart for use in a shelf, but it looks like some bees (probably mason or leafcutter) have taken up residence in a hole on one of the connecting 2x4 parts. (The top most horizontal section in the picture) I want to take the...
  5. Bee News
    Beekeeper creates coat of living bees - in pictures It began as a bit of fun and became a personal challenge for one semi-naked man and approaching half a million bees. Crowds gathered in Chongqing, southwest China this week to watch - at a distance of 20 metres - as She Ping’s wife and five...
  6. Bee News
    Development of a New Method to Track Multiple Honey Bees with Complex Behaviors on a Flat Laboratory Arena A computer program that tracks animal behavior, thereby revealing various features and mechanisms of social animals, is a powerful tool in ethological research. Because honeybee colonies...
  7. Upcoming Meetings
    2014 Florida Bee College and Master Beekeeper Program St. Augustine Florida Whitney Lab Bee College the most extensive educational honey bee event in the state of Florida. Everyone is welcome to attend Bee College: beekeepers, naturalists, farmers, gardeners, county agents, and anyone interested...
  8. Upcoming Meetings
    North Florida Master Beekeeper Program, FSBA, Chipley Oct 31 - Nov 2 Hey Guys! I'm getting everything together for the Fall meeting (Oct 31st in Chipley). AS soon as a I get the flyer done, registration will be open. Also - we will be giving out notes for each class this time, so there...
  9. Bee News
    Bees Buzzing in North Central Florida for National Honeybee DayPublished August 17th, 2013 WCJB-TV ABC20 High Springs - August 17th is National Honeybee Day and bee supporters from all over the country gathered in North Central Florida to celebrate the importance of these pollinators. Bees are...
  10. Upcoming Meetings
    We (HBREL) are very excited to offer you yet another fabulous beekeeping experience. Please join us August 16-17 for the 1st Annual South Florida Bee College held in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl). It will be 2 days of hands-on beekeeping education brought to you from Florida’s finest beekeepers an...
  11. Bees
    My daughter just finished a painting of a bee on a flower. She is working on her collection as she wants to set up a both at the farmers market and sell paintings and do commissions. It's a 20" X 16" canvas painted with acrylics.
  12. Bee News
    Synergistic effects of Honey bees and non-apis for pollination services
  13. Bee News
    Congressional Research Service Report for Congress
  14. Upcoming Meetings
    August 18th 10:00 to 4:00 Alachua County Extension Office, 2800 NE 39th Ave, Ganesville FL 32609-2658 Hosts: Gainesville Area Bee Club, Alachua County Master Beekeepers, University of Florida Alachua county Extension Office Activities: The event will feature activities for children and adults...
  15. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    Iddee asked me to help, and in end let me at it as he has so many hives now Old friend of his. The house is from the 30's I would guess and the siding is asbestos.... Bees had just moved into an old Electrical box and crawled up into walls, not sure where , but NO WAY to do a cut out.. Built a...
1-15 of 15 Results