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    Why the fuss over bees? Is the U.S. in the midst of a bee-pocalypse? The science says no. Bee populations in the U.S. and Europe remain at healthy levels for reproduction and the critical pollination of food crops and trees. But during much of the past decade we have seen higher-than-average...
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    Pathogen Webs in Collapsing Honey Bee Colonies Recent losses in honey bee colonies are unusual in their severity, geographical distribution, and, in some cases, failure to present recognized characteristics of known disease. Domesticated honey bees face numerous pests and pathogens, tempting...
  3. Bee News
    Story from some of my friends and one I supervise Rob Horsburgh Declining bee populations could have big impact on food supply By Christina Kelso Florida Times Union At any given moment inside the oozing walls of a honey bee hive, a legion of inch-long, yellow-striped...
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    Pathogen Webs in Collapsing Honey Bee Colonies Although pathogen identities differed between the eastern and western United States, there was a greater incidence and abundance of pathogens in CCD colonies. We identified novel strains of the recently described Lake Sinai viruses (LSV) and found...
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    Just like opinions and advice from local beekeepers . . . everything is not the same in all places. original article
1-5 of 5 Results