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  1. General Beekeeping
    Hi all, For some time now, I was looking to buy an extractor. And right now I have an offer for a used one (maxant electric 10frames radial) + two hives (8 deep boxes) (without bees) + a bk jacket + hat + 2 queen excluder + 2 feeders + 2 winter insulation kits + a stainless honey drainer. All of...
  2. General Beekeeping
    Hi all, I'm planning to buy a new honey extractor and I would like to know your experiences with the diffrent kinds of stainless steel used on them (mainly #201 and #304) with regard to durability, rust resistance, .... Thanks in advance!
  3. General Beekeeping
    Multi use tank Because of the length of this post I well break it up and distribute the pictures amongst them. I built this tank from 2 army-cooking pots that were given to me after using the forklift to unload heavy items and pallets after the army camp down sized and tore down some...
1-3 of 3 Results