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  1. Beekeeping 101
    I live in the southeastern United States, and have been considering attempting beekeeping for a while. I have a few questions regarding the risks to any bees that I might try to... uh... keep. I am aware that hornets can be a threat to bees, and as European hornets have moved into the area in...
  2. Bee News
    Fearful Foragers: Honey Bees Tune Colony and Individual Foraging to Multi-Predator Presence and Food Quality Fear can have strong ecosystem effects by giving predators a role disproportionate to their actual kill rates. In bees, fear is shown through foragers avoiding dangerous food sites...
  3. Bee News
    Native Prey and Invasive Predator Patterns of Foraging Activity: The Case of the Yellow-Legged Hornet Predation at European Honeybee Hives Contrary to native predators, which have co-evolved with their prey, alien predators often benefit from native prey naïveté. Vespa velutina, a honeybee...
1-3 of 3 Results