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  1. General Beekeeping
    I’m new to beekeeping and started my second hive yesterday. My issue is I forgot to replace all the frames in an 8 frame Langston deep. I know it’s is best not to disturb them for a week. But will having only 5 frames be an issue? Will I come Back to a mess of burr comb? Or should I quickly put...
  2. Beekeeping 101
    Hi. I'm a new beekeeper (or am trying to be) located in Golden, Colorado. I'm hoping from someone can provide a little advice on what I should be doing to prepare my bees for winter. I bought a nuc this spring and the queen laid very spotty. The bees requeened in early July and are doing much...
  3. General Beekeeping
    Hello everyone, I'm a new beekeeper vin OK. I got 2 nucs on May 6th this year. They have grown very quickly, have seen the queen in both hives, both hives were fed with a sugar water 1:1, both hives are also carniolan. Last time I was in the hives, that was May 28th, there was a lot of chapped...
  4. New Member Introductions
    We are in NE Missouri and new to beekeeping. We picked up our bees on April 12. After installing the bees into the new hive, the bees did great the first night. On April 13, we noticed that most of the bees were outside the hive in two large clusters on the ground. One cluster was around the...
  5. Beekeeping 101
    i am new to beekeeping and have a lot of questions. For starters how long will it take for a queen to lay broud in a new hive? And do pollen patties help the qween lay faster?
  6. Beekeeping 101
    ​Hi all. I have some questions about an idea I want to try. I have an Africanized bee hive in an old tire on my property. It's about the size of a soccer ball. I want to take a box with a flashlight in it at night and point the light at the hive (and get away quickly). The bees should get mad...
1-6 of 6 Results