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  1. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    I had to pick up a new pair of bee gloves quickly as the opportunity to get the bees out of my neighbor's house had arrived, they are about to demo the living room back to the studs in a renovation. The bees were entering between first and 2nd floor, the northwest side of the house. Well, I got...
  2. Find a Beekeeper
    Professional Free Bee Swarm Removal in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Provo, Tooele Utah __________________________________________________ Sol Nectar Honey Free Bee Swarm Removal, Honey, Wax, Pollination
  3. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    Hello I have a bee hive in my concrete box for my water meter. I hate to have them killed to get them removed. Is there a way to get them out and keep them alive. I thought maybe a bee keeper could do this. I know there is a shortage of bees; well here is a free hive.... What can be done...
1-3 of 3 Results