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small hive beetle

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  1. Trading Post
    WE'VE STOPPED SMALL HIVE BEETLE! BUTTSBEES.BLOGSPOT.COM Naturally Medicated Push-up Markers and Naturally Medicated Liquid Concentrate Powerful Protection! Safe for honey supers! Drives Small Hive Beetles AWAY! Simply use the Naturally Medicated Push-up Marker to mark the top and bottom...
  2. Pests and Diseases
    I just wanted to post a link to an article on small hive beetles that I wrote in repley to a woman that recently emailed me on one of my blog posts. It might be valuable for those that might be interested in new methods or combination methods of controlling them. I lost several hives in 2010...
  3. Pests and Diseases
    I had a hive that had a bunch of flies on the front of it. I finally got a decent day to open it up. All med boxes. The top three were filled and active. Two months ago I put in a box not drawn out because they were getting crowded and the last box on the bottom had uncapped honey and some...
  4. General Beekeeping
    This is very sad news. Registered beekeepers in Hawaii will have gotten this alert, but there may be some that are not registered and may not know this yet... Moderators, I am sorry if this is not the correct subforum. :( *** On Monday, May 21, a beekeeper near Lihu‘e, Kaua‘i noticed...
1-4 of 4 Results