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  1. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    Started last Wednesday, seems like every hive in North Texas is sending off a reproductive swarm. We got rain twice, and blooms are coming on and the bees are optomistic. Got one in Southlake yesterday, one a mile north of me this afternoon I suspect might have been my bees. (did swarm pickup...
  2. General Beekeeping
    Wish me luck, today was the day I split my big hive, the 2015 swarm that overwintered beautifully twice, excellent producers, nice gluey bees make lots of propolis AND last summer they killed 2 cutouts and 3 splits with bought queens as soon as I got them set up. So today, I divided them. 2...
  3. Beekeeping 101
    from the crossroads thread: "I'm going to need a mentor, this will be my first year to try doing splits, and I worked too late to make my bee meeting. When my local mentor tried to help me by phone last year I ended up killing 9 frames of brood. So I'm reading my book and you at least need...
1-3 of 3 Results