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  1. General Beekeeping
    UPDATE MAY 1: Congrats to Larry Cole, who won this give-away. Thanks to all entrants. Hi everyone. I'm giving away some brand new beekeeping equipment. I made a video showing the items recently. I'm offering this to anyone in Canada or the US. Absolutely free and no pressure...
  2. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    A co-worker had cut down a tree along a creek on his property but when he started cutting it up, guess what he discovered?:eek: Well you know. He wasn't sure what to do because he didn't want to kill them. So a week and a half later he was talking to another person at work that knew I had been...
  3. Swarms, Cut outs, and Trap outs
    I came home early today since I am way over on hours with the Florida State Fair and bees going to California. There was a swarm in progress going into a column of the carport on our farm. Stacks of supers wiith comb and they pick the column?!?! Videos on Dropbox...
1-3 of 3 Results