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  1. Mason & other alternative bees
    I have a wood half pallet on my balcony that I've been drying out to take apart for use in a shelf, but it looks like some bees (probably mason or leafcutter) have taken up residence in a hole on one of the connecting 2x4 parts. (The top most horizontal section in the picture) I want to take the...
  2. Building plans, blueprints, and finished projects
    It happens to any beek who's in the profession for more than a few years---hives "wear out" (from use, breakage, weathering, wood pests, etc. What uses have you found for your hive parts no longer useable for bees? :?:
  3. Building plans, blueprints, and finished projects
    Please save comments, questions and posts until I have finished the posts Thanks As promised when I first joined the forum to share pictures of making hives commercially. Company sign and logo The Company Friends of mine, 3 brothers and a father got a line on some...
1-3 of 3 Results