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1 or 2 swarms???

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Yesterday I went out on a swarm call to one of my own yards. :(

When I got there, two 3 lb swarms were in an apple tree about two feet from each other. :shock: Due to the placing of the branches, the bees if they wanted, could of easily joined together by just walking down the branch.

I boxed them seperate and they both seemed to orient themselves into each box.

I have seen this happen a few times where you get two clusters really close in the same tree. Not sure if two swarms issued at the same time and the queens just naturally followed the same flight path(?) Or was it a "multiple queen swarm" as sometimes happens with virgin queens, and they just landed close to each other and the clusters formed based on them landing apart?

I'll wait a few days and check both boxes out. I moved them to another yard. I'm hoping for two, but this stuff always has me scratching my head.
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My guess is 1 swarm. Most I have found like that join together within 48 hours. Keep us posted.
the swarm we had yesterday was in 2 clusters, then formed one... they were not sperated long at all
That's what I thought would happen. But the farmer who called me said it was there for about an hour before he called me (no cell), than it took me another 45 minutes to respond. Not knowing how long it was there before the farmer seen it, it had to be there for a minimum of two hours. I would of thought one of the clusters would of broke if only one queen. I'll find out after it stops raining... ;)
Mike... any news on this?

on our cluster we were about to get heavt rains, so I tried to move qickly to capture it... do they survive the rains okay in a cluster?
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