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2013 Queens

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Just getting the word out early, I will have a limited number of queens available starting may 1st-15. These are northern breed queens that have done great for me in the past and are raised in larger mating nucs to provide a proven pattern (I am using 4 half length deep frames 2 full deep frame equivilent for now on).

This is how I am going to sell these this year, if you are interested send me an e-mail at [email protected] and give your name, contact, number of queens you are interested in, and approximate time you would want the queens delivered. (ie early june, late june etc.) and I will put you on a list. First come first serve I will call down the list as queens are available and fill orders to those who still want them, once I call or e-mail you and confirm your shipment and order amount I will send out the queens with a receipt, once you have received them you can then send payment through check/money order.

Reminder: Just because you e-mail you are interested in a certain date that does not mean that I will for sure have queens at that time (remember I am just generating a list and calling through it), and like-wise if I call or e-mail and you no longer need them that is perfectly fine as well please do not wait untill the last minute for me to call if you are in dire need of a queen, at the very least send me another e-mail and I will try to point you in the direction of another breeder who would have what you are looking for on hand.

Queens are $15.00 per queen with $10.00 S&H per order. (Any amount of queens still just $10.00)

They will ship in JZBZ cages with attendants.

PS: I am trying to be customer first on sending the queens first to make sure you get them as soon as possible, if I problems receiving payments after I have sent out queens I will change my policy, please don't make do that!

Any and all questions are welcome here and to my e-mail/PM. Thanks
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thanks cheezer, i have followed your posts on your queens.
i would be interested in trying your queens, if not this year, next year, i am in a bit of a dilemna right now, don't know that i will be able to get my hives divided or queened/requeened. anyway, thought i would say so, and if it works out for me, i will of course, send you an email to get on your list.
btw, no problem receiving any money from me, and i hope you don't get 'smoked' on this....:grin:
i hear what daniel is two hive tools, on this forum, i think anyone interested in your queens would not 'smoke' you.....cuz otherwise they would have "he%% comin' to breakfast" after them......:lol:

wish you the best in your endeavor.
thanks cheezer for the post, as of now, i am not able to divide hives, requeen, etc, but as i said before will keep you in mind for the future. also wanted you to know i have not forgotten you......:grin:
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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