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2013 Queens

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Just getting the word out early, I will have a limited number of queens available starting may 1st-15. These are northern breed queens that have done great for me in the past and are raised in larger mating nucs to provide a proven pattern (I am using 4 half length deep frames 2 full deep frame equivilent for now on).

This is how I am going to sell these this year, if you are interested send me an e-mail at [email protected] and give your name, contact, number of queens you are interested in, and approximate time you would want the queens delivered. (ie early june, late june etc.) and I will put you on a list. First come first serve I will call down the list as queens are available and fill orders to those who still want them, once I call or e-mail you and confirm your shipment and order amount I will send out the queens with a receipt, once you have received them you can then send payment through check/money order.

Reminder: Just because you e-mail you are interested in a certain date that does not mean that I will for sure have queens at that time (remember I am just generating a list and calling through it), and like-wise if I call or e-mail and you no longer need them that is perfectly fine as well please do not wait untill the last minute for me to call if you are in dire need of a queen, at the very least send me another e-mail and I will try to point you in the direction of another breeder who would have what you are looking for on hand.

Queens are $15.00 per queen with $10.00 S&H per order. (Any amount of queens still just $10.00)

They will ship in JZBZ cages with attendants.

PS: I am trying to be customer first on sending the queens first to make sure you get them as soon as possible, if I problems receiving payments after I have sent out queens I will change my policy, please don't make do that!

Any and all questions are welcome here and to my e-mail/PM. Thanks
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They are basically mutts they have a little bit of everything in them at this point. I would say that there is predominantly a mix of carniolan and Italian. They overwinter well, and brood early, with medium to large clusters. My 5 frame nucs have 1-2 frames of brood, and averaging 4+ frames of bees right now so you can see there are characteristics of both in there heavily.

Edit: In the link below are a few pictures of some of last years queens if it helps. (There on the last page)
rivierbee: Thank you for the message and I wish you the best this year!

efmesch: I am just try to make my customers proud, I want to make sure they have the queens, they are alive, and are happy with them above anything else. I also didn't want to call someone sunday, have to wait for their payment, and have it be a week before they get there queens! I want them to have the queens in there hands on the day they want them, having learned this lesson once I will not repeat it again.

I will try to stay a week to a week and a half ahead on shipments (ie. I will try to call at least a week before the ship date to see if you still need them or not)

Forgot to mention - I will take order for virgins as well if anyone is interested, $5.00/each with a min. order or 25. (I will actually schedule in dates for those who are interested in virgin queens, however payment will still not be due untill you receive your order, and you will still get a friendly reminder/double conformation call or e-mail 1-2 weeks before you scheduled ship date to double check you still want them)

Thanks again guys, let me know if there are any other questions you have!
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Daniel Y: It is deffinately something that I have thought about and I appriciate the concern, I will try it but like they say it only takes one bad apple...

Thanks to those who have shown interest so far it is much appricaited.
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I didn't want to make another thread for it but thought it would fit good in this posting, so here it is:

I want to test the water with shipping cells, but I have never done it before through the mail. (I've transfered cells to yards etc.) So I wanted to see if there were 2-3 people that would be interested in getting 5-10 cells shipped to them for free, only thing I would ask is just a how they did after you received them report. How many hatched, laying, just how they did in general to see if this something I want to continue to pursue. You can send an email to the above address or PM me on here as well if your interested.
tecumseh: I will send you some cells, send me a pm with when it would be to late or to hot to send them and I'll see if it works out still.
I have 5 extra queens available to be shipped Monday, June 3rd, if anyone is in need of them. I should have 5-10 extra June 10th shipment right now as well.
Thanks riverbee

larry Tate: thanks, and I do not have a pm.

thanks everyone else, queen are sold untill June 17th
Thanks for the great season everyone! I am done producing this year, and am now changing to focus to preparing for winter and next season. I wanted to lead on extra early for next seasons plans and changes to everyone.

The good news is that queens will stay the same price next year $15.00 per queen. I am also going to be adding breeders from several different strains/producers. The bulk of the produced queens will be from my personal stock, however I will also have cordovan/Italian/carniolan/and possibly some others. These can all be options, they will all be open mated with local drones, mostly from my stock. (I flood the area with drones) However I will need to know WELL in advance at least 6 weeks, if you want any of these strains otherwise I can not promise they will be available.

I am looking to supply one or more beekeeping supply stores (re-sellers), price/shipping and everything else can all be negotiated based on how many queens you are looking for and how often. If you know any such places that would be interested please give them my contact info!

I am anticipating being sold in advance most of the year at this point, because of this I will be scheduling orders in advance and will require payment to hold your order. If I am unable to fill/ship your order for any reason, you will receive contact within 24hrs of scheduled ship date and be offered a full refund, or advised when queens would be ready. I am scheduling 100 queens per week at this time, starting the 2nd week of May.

Anyone who ordered queens this year I would appreciate any feedback, if you could PM and let me know how the queens did/mite levels/problems/production or any thoughts at all it would be much appreciated!
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I did not hve a single problem all season, just about in every area of the business. It was a good year all around and the hives are looking great for fall. Most if the reports indicate that the queens did good as well, which is obviously at the top of my list of priorities. I have already gotten a few orders for next year, and many more message about possible orders. With this being the case I wanted people to kno they had there queens set for a certain date not just "hoping" on a wait list. The payment of orders is more now a move from "sideline work" to full time business. When people place an order I am mailing them a receipt that shows payment, date, refund policy, queen type etc so that everyone knows and dates don't get "forgot" by either party.

ps. I have a little winter experiment that I will be posting later! (New thread of course!)
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DanielY: Thanks for the support, I don't view anyone as competition in my eyes we are all here to help each other if you ever have any questions don't shy away from sending me a message I'll help you any way I can with your own adventure!
Efmesch: Thank you! I appreciate the support!
Gunsmith: Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
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