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2014 Florida Bee College Master Beekeeper St. Augustine Florida Whitney Lab

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2014 Florida Bee College and Master Beekeeper Program St. Augustine Florida Whitney Lab
Bee College the most extensive educational honey bee event in the state of Florida. Everyone is welcome to attend Bee College: beekeepers, naturalists, farmers, gardeners, county agents, and anyone interested in honey bees! This two-day event offers lectures in the morning and hands-on workshops in the afternoon. There are llive honey bee colonies on site for open hive demonstrations and protective gear for everyone. This event won’t leave you hungry either, we serve morning and afternoon snacks, lunch both days, a full banquet dinner on Friday evening and an ice cream social following the Awards Ceremony. At the Awards Ceremony we announce students who have entered or advanced in the Master Beekeeper Program, Welsh Honey Judges, and the place winners and Best of Show in the UF Bee College Honey Show, as well as give out door prizes. Bee College is simply the best time you could have learning about honey bees! We hope that you and your family decide to join us for this fun-filled weekend.
[h=2]Date and Location[/h]
[h=2]Registration[/h]Registration for Bee College is OPEN.
ALL ATTENDEES MUST REGISTER ONLINE for admission to the event. Payment will be accepted through credit card online and mail-in by check. Bee College will host registraion through Eventbrite. Please visit the ticketing page -
[h=2]Admission and Scholarships[/h]Discounts are available for youth (<18), college students (with ID), county agents, Master Beekeeper Program Students, Fl. Master Gardeners and Fl. Master Naturalists. Discounts are also available for families (parents and dependent children) and kids under 5 are free. Please see registration page (on for prices). NEW! discount price now applicable for Caribbean citizens and DPI employees. Meals are included in the price.
[h=2]Bee Club Discount[/h] We welcome local bee associations to purchase ONE 2-day ticket at a discounted price of $150, then raffle it off at your discretion. For example, if you purchase the dicount ticket, and raffle it off for $10 a ticket, you could fundraise for your club in just 15 people! Please email [email protected] for more details. What a great way to encourage enrollment in your club, with a chance to win a ticket to Florida's largest educational beekeeping event! Start your raffle early!!!
[h=2]Special Guests[/h]Some of our past Keynote Lecturers: Dr. Wyatt Mangum - author, top-bar hive expert, bee scientist. Randy Oliver - author, commerical beekeeper, host: Michael Young, MBE - chef, artist, Welsh Honey Judge, Chairman - Northern Ireland Institure of Beekeepers. Dr. Larry Conner - beekeeper, queen rearing expert, author, owner of Wicwas Press. Dr.s Niko and Gudrun Koeniger - veteran honey bee researchers, authors, discovered a new bee species, Apis cerana nuluensis. Dr. Tammy Horn - author, beekeeper, activist. Dr. Vaughn Bryant - pollen identification expert. Dr. Keith Delaplane-crop pollination expect, extension specialist at the University of Georgia. Dr. David Dejong - African Bee adn stingless bee specialist at the University of San Paolo, Brazil.
2014 Confirmed Guests
Dr. Dewey Caron -Emeritus Professor of Entomology & Wildlife Ecology, Univ of Delaware, & Affiliate Professor, Dept Horticulture Oregon state University [email protected]. Dr Caron is the product of the Honey Bee program at Cornell University (PhD in Entomology with Dr Roger Morse). Professionally he spent 40+ years teaching, dong bee extension and bee research starting as instructor/administrative assistant in the Entomology Department at Cornell before moving to the University of Maryland (1970-1981 – 3-way split appointment) and then to University of Delaware (1981-2009), initially as Entomology & Wildlife Ecology Department head then extension/teaching Professor (again 3-way split appointment). He retired in 2009 and moved to OR to be near grandchildren and continues as volunteer Extension bee specialist for OR (Affiliate faculty, OSU). He has been active and helped found MAAREC (Mid Atlantic Research and Extension Consortium) and active since 1967 meeting with Eastern Apiculture Society (EAS) where he has been on or have organized the Annual Meeting numerous times, including 2012 at University of VT, served as board chair for 8 years (1991-99), as President (in 1986), and as EAS Foundation Chair (1999-2009). He is currently Master Beekeeper program advisor for EAS. Since moving to west coast he has been president and now on executive Board of WAS and currently serves as VP of the Oregon State Beekeepers.
Dr. Jim Frazier - Professor of Entomology at Penn.State University. Dr. Frazier and his group have been focusing on the synergistic and sublethal effects of multiple pesticides on the chemical senses and chemically mediated behaviors of honeybees in relation to honeybee health and CCD.
Maryann Frazier - Senior Extension Associate at Penn. State University. She focuses her work in the areas of apiculture extension, public science education and teaching. Current extension activities focus on a regional collaboration (MAAREC: The Mid-Atlantic Research and Extension Consortium) with researchers and other extension specialists in Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and New Jersey. They are developing an IPM approach to control honey bee diseases and mites and to improve information transfer techniques through traditional and innovative methods.
A full line-up of speakers will be announced along with the full schedule and flyer.
[h=2]Schedule[/h]The FULL 2014 Bee College Schedule is coming soon!!
During Bee College there are 7-8 different classes that run over 6 periods during the day. This totals to over 50 courses that you could take over the college.
Beginner topics: There is a beginner track, listed in gold on the schedule. It is repeated both days, so that if you come only Friday or only Saturday you can attend these crucial courses. If you attend the whole event, then it gives you the opportunity to fulfill the beginner track over two days and still attend other interesting classes that may coincide with the track.
Advanced Topics: These topics will satisfy repeat Bee College attendees and those with more beekeeping experience. We have courses that cover bee breeding, crop pollination, advanced bee pathogens, varroa control, pesticide/pollinator interactions, and more.
Hands-on: We host a number of courses in a workshop-like setting where you gain experience building equipment, extracting honey, making splits, and marking queens. We have 10 colonies on site for open hive demonstrations all day long. Suits, smokers, and tools, are available to use.
Hobbyists and Craft-lovers: We have fun DIY classes like wax rendering, candle making, honey exhibitions, lip blam and salve making.
Something for Everyone: We try to create the classes so that they are directed toward either beginners or advanced beekeepers but can accommodate anyone interested in the subject. We also have timely keynote addresses given by some of the world's leaders in honey bee research, advocacy and literature.
Jr. Bee College: On Saturday we host Jr. Bee College for kids 6-16 that runs all day with fun classroom activities and a chance to look into a hive up-close. We have special guests and tons of activites to keep the kids busy while you enjoy more advanced topics. Parents and teachers welcome. There is no additional fee for Jr. Bee College.
[h=2]Accommodations[/h]Accommodations are the individual responsibility of each guest. Accommodations in St. Augustine, St. Augustine Beach, Crescent Beach, or Palm Coast are acceptable locations. There are no hotels in Marineland. Our guests typically find there is a 20-30 minute drive to/from the college daily. Please plan accordingly. There are several camping sites in the area and they tend to book quickly, so reserve ahead of time. Typically HBREL will reserve blocks of rooms at hotels at a discounted price. These blocks expire one month prior to the event, so book early.
UF discounted hotel blocks available!
Say "UF BEE COLLEGE" to get special rate.
Microtel Palm Coast - $74.99/night, cut off: Feb 7
16 Kingswood Drive
Palm Coast, FL 32137
(386) 445-8976
Holiday Isle Oceanfront Hotel -$90.00/night, cut off: Feb 20
860 A1A Beach Blvd.
St. Augustine Beach, FL 32080
Quality Inn Historic District -$89-109/night, cut off: Jan 30
1111 N Ponce De Leon Blvd
St. Augustine, FL 32084
[h=2]Vendors[/h]Now accepting vendor applications!
Despite our relatively small vending space, we have several top of the line vendors who sell beekeeping equipment, supplies, accessories, books and more. In the past, we have had endors such as: Deb's Bee Supply, Mann Lake, Walter T. Kelley, and Dadant.
Vendor spots for 2014 Bee College will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please print, fill out and mail the vendor applicaion to reserve a spot.
Download the 2014 UF Bee College Vendor Application.
[h=2]Specialized Training Courses[/h] Bee College offers specialty training courses for Emergency First Responders, beekeepers, teachers, agricultural professionals, Pest Control Operators and other similar professions. Courses include

  • Africanized Bee Training for Pest Control Operators
  • Live Bee Removal for Beekeepers NEW!
  • Welsh Honey Judge Training (click for more info)
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Greetings Friends, Beekeepers, and Honey Bee Lovers,

The University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab has its two big events coming up again! Have you marked your calendars? Here is everything you need to know!

The Master Beekeeper Program will be holding its biannual training and exams on Thursday March 6[SUP]th[/SUP] at the Whitney Lab in St. Augustine, Florida. The Master Beekeeper Program (MBP) is a five-year beekeeper training and certification program and boasts nearly 300 active members. This collection of registered beekeepers performs public service credits as a part of program advancement. To date, they have collectively reached nearly three million people in the state of Florida and beyond. They serve as bee ambassadors to beginning beekeepers, the public, and our community, by teaching and serving as an extension of UF/HBREL The MBP trains and educates beekeepers on new techniques, equipment, potential problems, tips and tricks to improve their beekeeping skills. Perhaps most importantly, it keeps beekeepers around the state and country connected and furthermore, connected to their communities. Beekeepers must have owned at least one hive of bees for at least one year to register, and entry to the MBP is attained by passing the apprentice examinations on exam day. Further into the program, students choose a major and attain major and core credits. To graduate as a Master Craftsman beekeeper, the final level in the program, one must complete a research project or Extension program.

For more information about the Master Beekeeper Program please visit:

For registration to the upcoming spring event please visit:

The University of Florida Bee College is the most extensive educational honey bee event in the state of Florida and is back for its seventh year! Everyone is welcome to attend Bee College: beekeepers, naturalists, farmers, gardeners, county agents, and anyone interested in honey bees! It’s not too late to register, as you might know, we fill up pretty fast but there is still time! Registration is open until Tuesday March 4th. Bee College is the best time you could have learning about honey bees and beekeeping, the full schedule will be announced soon. There are topics for beginners, advanced, hands-on demonstrations, workshops on everything from Honey Extraction, Varroa Biology, Grafting, Queen Rearing and IPM approaches! The keynote speakers this year are Dr. Dewey Caron, (U. Delaware) and Dr. Jim and Maryann Frazier of Penn State. As always, we have the Fl apiary Inspection Team, the HBREL team and a host of other great speakers. Bee College has enough beekeeping knowledge to last you all year! We give you a stunning Bee College pin, a goody bag, a program binder with lecture material, snacks, lunch, banquet dinner, awards ceremony and a raffle where you can win great prizes! The full schedule and course titles will be announced early next week!

Coupled with the UF Bee College is the Annual Bee College Honey Show. Our honey show is the largest in the state, and winners can proudly claim the title of “Best Honey in Florida”! The Bee College Honey Show provides a wonderful opportunity to showcase all of your (and your bees!) hard work. The show will be judged using the Welsh Honey Judge methods by certified professional Honey Judges and Stewards, and winners will be announced during the awards ceremony Friday evening. If you want to exhibit in the show, all you have to do is register for the Bee College and send your entry form in early. You can enter items such as extracted honey, candles, frames for extraction, artwork, and more. Exhibit classes and the entry form will be posted online next week!

Register today! (ticket prices and purchasing)

For more information please visit: (general program information)

For general questions email me: [email protected]

For registration questions, please email Glinda Burnett at [email protected]

->VENDOR space still available! Please see our website for a vendor application (fees apply).

Did you know that you can pay by check? It’s easy! Just go and enter the number of registrations you would like to purchase (skip the register button). Next choose ‘SHOW OTHER PAYMENT OPTIONS’ (below the REGISTER button). Then, click ‘PAY OFFLINE’. Here you will add your personal information to register for the event. You may then mail your registration fee the address below (please make checks payable to the University of Florida).
Please, feel free to tweet, Facebook, email, post, blog about us!

Hope to see y’all soon!


Mailing address:
UF Bee College
c/o Glinda Burnett
Department of Entomology and Nematology
University of Florida
Bldg 970 Natural Area Drive
PO Box 110620
Gainesville, FL 32611-0620
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Hey there.
Don’t forget to register for the upcoming…..
2014 University of Florida Bee College
to be held at the following time, date, and location:

Friday, March 7, 2014 at 8:00 AM
- to -
Saturday, March 8, 2014 at 5:00 PM (EST)
Whitney Marine Laboratory for Bioscience
9505 N Oceanshore Blvd
Marineland, FL 32137

View Map

2014 Bee College is just around the corner! Have you registered yet? Bee College is Florida’s largest honey bee extension event! There are two days of beekeeping and bee-related courses, over 50 topics, a Jr. Bee College on Saturday for kids, a 20-class Honey Show to claim the 'Best Honey in Florida', live hive demonstrations and much more, all held at the gorgeous Whitney Marine Lab in in sunny St. Augustine Florida. This year we have Dr. Dewey Caron from U. of Delaware, Dr. Jim and Mayanne Frazier from Penn State, Robert Brewer & Keith Feilder from UGA, and Virginia Webb of Mtn. Honey!

Share this event on Facebook and Twitter

We hope you can make it!

University of Florida Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab

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Hey Folks,

We are just shy of a week away from the University of Florida’s two big Extension events: the Master Beekeeper Program (MBP)and the Bee College. We are filling up pretty fast now, don’t miss your chance to attend two of Florida’s best educational beekeeping events. Registration is open until Tuesday March 4[SUP]th[/SUP]. We may still be able to take some walk-up (on-site) registrations, but those are subject to an additional 10$ walk-up fee.

We have a truly fabulous speaker line-up, great door prizes, live honey bee colonies, a one-of-a-kind Honey Show showcasing some of the best bee products in the state, a variety of vendors and an absolute wealth of information to share. Please consider joining us March 6 for the MBP training/exams and Mar 7-8 for the Bee College at the beautiful Whitney Marine Lab in Marineland, Fl.

Links: (info, links to registration, etc.)

Bee college:
Honey Show:
Master Beekeeper Program:

General info: [email protected]
Registration information/issues: [email protected]

We hope to see you there!

Honey Bee Research and Extension Laboratory
Department of Entomology and Nematology
University of Florida
Bldg 970 Natural Area Drive
PO Box 110620
Gainesville, FL 32611-0620
Phone (352) 273-3932
Fax (352) 392 0190
@ UFhoneybeelab
@ UFNativeBuzz
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It was all about bees at Whitney Lab in Marineland as the University of Florida played host to the seventh annual Bee College on Friday and Saturday. An estimated 350 people from all over the country signed up for two full days of lectures and hands-on workshops regarding honey bees and other pollinators.(News-Journal)
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