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Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Walt B, Jun 30, 2010.

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    OK, I had a bit of a problem and I think I had a bit of success.

    Last year was Year #1 and I pretty much left the girls alone figuring I would watch "from afar". I knew this year would be different and some sort on "management" would be necessary.

    As I watched, one colony seemed to be weaker than the other, fewer bees, less activity. I looked and...NO QUEEN! Also no laying Workers. I quickly got on the net, ordered a Queen (Tec, not this one, but the next queens came from "B") and today I could notice no difference between the comings and goings (also looked throughout the hive and everything looks "good"). :yahoo: Special thanks to Mama and Baby Beek for their encouragement and well wishes. :wave:

    Not wanting to leave "well enough alone", I have now ordered (actually received the next day from "B") 2 more queens to split the strong colony and see what we get. Really, we received the bees from B. Weaver before we could notify the Post Office they were coming!

    Of course my timing was "perfect": Alex is coming ashore and we've had rain for 2 days. ;) Hey, if you don't have fun with what you're doing...do something else!

    Beekeepershelper seems content attending to the queens and their court while we're waiting for the weather to clear..

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    howdy Walt...

    imho you can't go much wrong in obtaining queens (or stock) from BWeaver and family. I suspect (can't absolutely know) that when I started up beekeeping this last time around that starting out with BWeaver stock was the smartest/luckest thing I ever did. which is to say.... I don't want to give anyone the impression here that at that time I picked up my hive tool 'this time' that I had some great insight into the bee keeping world's problems of the day and in some way, form or fashion I came to this decision via some brilliant insight or personally held information.

    I do think an excellent side point of your post is that for most folks their management style in keeping bees does not require consistency and this allows a great deal more flexibility than almost any other agricultural activity I can think of.... so if in one season you want to work the girls real hard and drive them towards some personally held goal that ok and if in the next you have other interest that doesn't allow any time that ok also.

    ps... we are having a most excellent year here... most especially when compared to the heat and lack of water of the past three or four years. even though our season is above average I suspect you will need to feed those splits a bit (think dribble and not pour). building numbers now means that 'if' we get a fall flow feeding come winter time should be limited... although you likely will need to do some feeding before spring to these late season splits anyway.