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A few pics of the herd

[attachment=5:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 008.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
Laying around one of the feeders.
Little country church in the back ground, Civil War soldiers are buried in the grave yard.

[attachment=4:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 009.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
Thunder Mama, the best brood cow I have, $3,400 worth.

[attachment=3:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 011.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
Flashy, #2 in the line up of best brood cow.

[attachment=2:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 012.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
Joan getting heavy with a calf from the neighbors angus bull :ranting:

[attachment=0:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 014.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
Cross between a charolais and angus = a smokey, little bull calf, freezer meat in a year or two.

[attachment=1:27pdvq5q]fall 2009 farm 015.jpg[/attachment:27pdvq5q]
The other half of the herd, my new bull, Impressive Valu, we call him Buzz Bull



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