a new second hive - not sure where to put it

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    So - a quick up date - my hive got robbed / attacked by wax moths. It had a hundred or so bees left in it and no queen, no brood, no honey, no pollen. So I cleaned it out, and a week ago was given a new swarm, so they have been installed in the cleaned out hive. I was told not to rush looking into the hive - to give them a chance to establish themselves - so i have been feeding them and will likely look in next week or the week after.

    BUT! My wife asked - what are those bees doing on the window of our office? At first I thought they were inside, but realized they were outside. It's a side window, and I seldom go there, so I walked around the house and discovered there were bees living in the wall next to my wall heater. Kudos to the plumber for leaving a hole in the wall for them to use. Not!

    So, I need to get them out of the wall, and patch it up so we can start using the heat. I have no idea how long they have been there - some time in the spring my son said there was a big swarm out there. Whether they were arriving or leaving, I have no idea, but the hole has been there for a few years.

    So I get to open the wall and rehouse them in a new hive. My question - how close should the new hive be to the old one? Maybe I should keep it close to where they are currently not paying rent? It is shaded and doesn't get much sun. The other hive is apx. 30 + feet away and gets morning and mid day sun. I know in bee yards they house them on pallets, inches apart, but is that a good idea in this case? One being so much longer established. Thanks,