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A note to us buyers !!!

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I think it behooves us members here to let our sponsors know that , when we buy from them , we are buying from their ad here on the beekeeping forums. They pay the bills , and besides, the old saying is "dance with the one who brung you". This is a fine site, and they deserve a BIG THANKS from us here.
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I buy very few supplies from the big boys, but the site is paid by the number of clicks. I try to click on a couple each day to help build up the paycheck.
Hey guy's I appreciate that, I don't plan on letting this site go anywhere. The site is still new and once I get the traffic high enough for it to be really fun the site will pay for itself. The site is currently paid through my newsletters revenue so no worries :D

Oh and don't go too crazy clicking ads, too many clicks from 1 person in a short period will get me in trouble with the google folks...
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