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    I sent a email asking for a better idea of what is going on and what to expect and this is the reply :

    Mr. Turner;

    Bee removal from structures is the only area that currently is off limits. Collecting swarms in other areas or bees from a feral hive in the wild are fair game. We are drafting rule language that may provide beekeepers the ability to collect bees from structures very soon. You may wish to stay in contact with your local beekeeper association to learn more.

    I’ve just completed a survey where over 50 % of states responded to questions surrounding bee removal in structures. There are a few states that don’t regulate bee removal at all, but most do in some way. When and if pesticides are used, a pest control license is required.

    Bees in other states are typically not problematic however because most states do not have to contend with Africanized bees. Florida appears to have the biggest problem with this and it is especially problematic in the south part of the state. Florida law also prohibits beekeepers from keeping other species of bees (that are genetically different from our indigenous honeybees). So the notion that all bees need to be protected is not valid. Bees are certainly beneficial insects. However, they are also pests when they take up residence in a structure. Add the added problem with Africanized bee traits that make bees more aggressive and you have a readymade recipe for disaster. In addition, Florida has more bees now than it has had at any other time since we’ve been monitoring bee populations. Managed hives have increased almost 4 times what they were just over as many years ago. Add in the feral Africanized bees who swarm multiple times within a year and you have a good rationale for the increased number of bees and incidence of bees moving into structures.

    I know this is just a brief explanation for what is happening with the moratorium on bee removal. Feel free to call me if you have additional questions.

    Michael J. Page
    Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control
    Florida Dept. of Agriculture & Consumer Services

    (850) 617-7988
    (850) 617-7967 Fax
    (850) 528-5316 Cell

    The Conner Building, Suit N
    3125 Conner Boulevard
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-1650

    Please note that Florida has a broad public records law (Chapter 119, Florida Statutes).
    Most written communications to or from state employees are public records obtainable
    by the public upon request. Emails sent to me at this email address may be considered
    public and will only be withheld from disclosure if deemed confidential pursuant to the
    laws of the State of Florida.
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    So, tell me about Florida's 'Native Bees."

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    Yes, since the European honeybee came from, oh, yeah, where was that, ummm, Europe?
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    we seem to have a fairly simple system here that is at least partly developed by our state bee inspector Paul Jackson. I myself have talked with Paul concerning this issue and at least I think some regulation is not only good but perhaps essential. it is my understanding that here at least some fee is required for a permit with a test for some minimum understanding of bee biology and some minimum number of hives (1 I think?) to establish you are in fact a beekeeper. in places where you have significant africanized stock and human population some insurance is likely a good thing to consider. permitting removals does weed out everyone from removing hives... and thereby does give some assurance to a home owner that the person doing the removal does have some minimum level of knowledge and experience to do the work. a great number of the folks here that do removal from structure do not do this service for free.