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Got a call for a tree cut out last week. 40 plus foot tree. big gal with a really wild trunk that had a growth in it that just wierded me out.

I haven't seen a tree like this one before. I wasn't exactly sure how to get this one started. I've done tree cut outs before, but I've been spoiled I guess because they have all been pretty straight-forward round trunk trees.

I even made a call to a bee buddy of mine, the illustrious Mr JPthebeeman himself and he pretty much confirmed what I had been looking at doing with this ugly gal.

The tree service guy who hired me said he wanted to keep the bees alive if at all possible. So I told him to take the crown off (cut off all the limbs so that nothing is left but the trunk) and call me at that point to artfully cut open the trunk to get the colony/nest out.

Well, I wait, and I wait for the "go time" phone call while I do other service calls. (I run a pest management business so I can't just sit around all day while he cuts a tree up).

Nothing. no Calls. 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm. nada.

I don't want to call a guy who may have a chainsaw running while he is suspended from a tree limb, but I figure by 4 pm, something is up.

He answers my call jovially and tell s me the tree is down and I can come cut open the trunk. I ask what took so long he said nothing,. it just took that long to take the whole tree down.

huh? what happened to just take off the crown and leave the trunk standing?


oh no.

oh yes.

I go out the next morning and there is nothing to salvage. the trunk is laying on it's side and I can see up into the nest and it is crushed beyond belief and there is nothing moving.

I leave, figuring the tree cutter will cut the trunk up after I call him.

Next day, the tree cutter calls me first, says the bees are alive and the property owner sees them flying.


I go out there.

no, it's robbers. taking the honey from all the smashed comb.

The tree cutter guy meant well, but I just can't help wishing he would have stopped cutting at the trunk.
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