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There is so much cheap junk on Amazon you have to be very careful.
Also are those boxes waxed for long life?
Try Bee Castle or Hoover Hives would be my choice very little price difference and I can verify the quality on those two brands.

You will also need to specify 8 frame or 10 frame.
10 frame is most popular.

Start off with a single deep unlit you get 6 or 7 frames of bees, then you can add the medium.

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The horizontal hive he speaks of with larger frames is a different style call a "Layens" Hive.
Layens frames are twice the size of a Langstroth. They are obviously different.
Both can be found at Horiz

In the US Most horizontal hives are Langstroth based and use standard frames.

There are a couple of downsides to Horizontal hives,
No place for supers, unless you take the lid off.
and you have to take the entire hive apart to check for queen cells (instead of just tipping up the box to see the bottom of the frames).
Feeding has to be done internally unless you build some kind of feeder into the box.

Most Horiz or Long type hives are custom made, make sure the builder has provided proper bee space (above below and on the sides),
Bee space between the top of the frames and top covers is critical for placement of pollen patties or mountain camp sugar, besides allowing the bees free access between the frames.
Make sure the follower board has a good seal (or bees will get lost and die behind it)
Also check that you will be able to employ a robber screen as that will likely be unique to that hive.
The other thing I would look for in a horizontal is insulation.
I built mine from 2" thick lumber for the sides and bottom and 2" of foam insulation in the lid above the inner covers.
A lid built light so it's not so heavy to open, a roof with overhang to keep rain off the box.
Another reason for thick lumber is the size of the box, thinner lumber will not keep it's shape as well as thick.

Note: the Bee Castle and Hoover Hives boxes while competitively priced, are very high quality.

Note: An on-line personality has recently reviewed Mann Lake boxes, he paid for top quality and was not satisfied with what he recieved.
He cited poor craftsmanship, that the box joints were not consistent and left gaps. Mann Lake has gotten too big for their britches it seems.
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