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Adding on to the Maybee bee hive from amazon....

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Hey everyone I'm hoping one of u out there have purchased or know about a hive I'm thinking of getting from amazon. It is the Maybe brand beehive , with one deep and one super, including frames and foundations. It is the one that is currently $125.99. But here's my problem. I want to do a langstroth hive but this one does not say anything about it being a langstroth. Can I still add supers etc. When my hive grows? Or do I need to find a different hive that says langstroth? Also, do I need to start with one super and one deep, or more? Also, I do have a problem with this hives price. Is there one I can find somewhere else that is cheaper but good quality? It would be great if it was on amazon, and maybe some info on cheap yet good quality beekeeping necessities? This is my first rodeo with bees in the coming spring, so I am a total newbie. It doesn't help that I am 14 yrs old. Thanks in advance!!!
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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