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advice on honey supers

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I added honey supers with undrawn foundation two weeks ago this past two hives. These are new hives started in April. Both already had 8 to 9 frames filled out in the top medium super before I added these. I had been feeding both hives sugar water, but stopped when I added the supers. This weekend, I went in and one hive had filled 3 frames with honey. Between two of the frames they had connected the comb so that some of the cells were perpendicular to the way cells normally are but were full of honey. The frame spacing was correct, so I cut those apart and put the frames back. Is that what you are supposed to do?
On the second hive, the bees had not touched the foundation--had not drawn out a single cell of wax. Should I take that super off or just wait another week or so and check again?
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>>>>( at 6'3" and 205 lifting the full depth supers not a issue for me. )<<<<

Ever think these two quotes may be related??? :roll:

>>>>herniated disc makes life a bit miserable at times<<<<
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