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air compressors

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I have a 4hp 12 gallon air compressor in the garage. Been there being used for no doubt 10 years plus.

I needed to take it down to the farm for some work and when I pulled it out, it must have at least 1/3 of the tank filled with water. It is heavy too.

I know water tanks and such have a "ballast system". But I'm not sure about air compressors. The tank does a clean out valve at the bottom. Should it be emptied? Does all the water come out?

Thank you.
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By all means drain it. You probably can not get it all out either but you should be able to 99% of it out if the drain is down ill a dab.
You can plumb in a water trap in the air line. That is a good thing to do if you run air nailers and paint sprayers as it keeps the moisture out of them.

You can also plumb in a auto oiler too. good ones are adjustable.

:mrgreen: Al
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