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AJ's Beetle Eater

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Has anyone ever used this small hive beetle trap? Does a frame have to be removed for it to work?
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I've never used them, but they are being bragged about in the industry as the best thing going. No, you don't remove a frame. They set between and on top the frames.
I just read more comments about them. Some say they are hard to fill, others say the piece of vinyl you have to have over them (so the bees don't fill in with propolis) has bunches of beetles under it but not in the trap, that the placement of it is important, more towards the center of the frames, some say it works well for them, others say it doesn't.

I also read that a ground treatment for SHB may work- muriate of potash (wherever you get that) and salt outside the hives.
I want to the NC/SCSBA spring conference and Jennifer Berry thought these things were great. I intend on getting them for all my hives because I have always been and will continue to be chemical free. As for the ground around the hives, I find that chickens work very well
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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