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Alley Gator

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Guess who came to dinner? I imagine he is celebrating that first 27-14 win over the Bowling Green Falcons. Texas A&M goes down tomorrow! Water Plant Twig Wood Trunk
The wife says he has to go because of our little dog though.


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Looks like a live wallet to Tom
I'll get a VOLUNTEER to toss it out for you!! :lol::lol:

I think we got a pretty good team this year (knocking on wood), we will see next week.
Me and cackerbee had him for dinner tonight, MIGHTY FINE EATIN'
My sympathies to the Aggies that LOST to the Chomp-Chomp Gators 20-17. So is A&M agony and moaning?
it was a win win here for me since I got degrees from both institutions (and consequently get constant reminder from both to send dollars).... seems via causal conversation with some Gator fans they were especially impressed with how friendly the Aggie crowd was before and after the game. it was beautiful weather the day of the game and that was certainly much appreciated.

I seem to recall Alley was the official mascot of the Gators when I was there. I can vaguely recall a bell tower and a chain link compound near the bell tower where they kept Alley.
Alley looks like some pretty good eating to me. Much tastier than rat snake.
The neighbors are going to invite Alley to dinner. The pond is not 20 feet from our house. My wife is afraid the gator will have our dog, Oreo, for a snack. Alley does not even care that I keep the edge of the pond trimmed down well. The picture was actually taken from the back porch.
Alley was sunning by the house.

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Im rooting for any team that beats A&M since they descided to bail out of the big 12. Keep the dog inside feed them to the gator:thumbsup:
gator is gone! Alley decided to go after the tractor while mowing today, he was three foot without the head
all's well that ends well. I got my pond snake. He was 3 feet with the head. Didn't eat him.
MURDERERS!!!!! You both should be whipped with a wet noodle.
I got mine fair and square. with a pvc pipe, 3 dogs, and standing on its head. No sharp implements unless you count dog teeth or the corner of the pipe. Lucked out, a toad I rescued jumped out of the pond and the snake was chasing it.
Think of the poor tractor. It suffered plenty of pain and anguish being threatened by a rowdy reptile.
poor tractor - did you run him over?
I spared both the tractor and gator pain and suffering. We even invited him to dinner that evening.
Gators taste better than diamond backed water snakes. (I've tried to cook one, it didn't work out - tough to skin.)
Gypsi, that reminds me of my uncle. My uncle was a capt. for sheriff Mickey Owen, (yes the ex-ball player) and was at a boiled shrimp cookout that Mickey had for his deputies. Mickey ask my uncle (an old country boy) how he liked the shrimp, my uncle replied, i don't, their to tough, Mickey laughed and said, bob, you have to peel them before you eat them. Jack
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