Almond tress without bees

Discussion in 'Bee News' started by ibeelearning, Mar 23, 2016.

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    Well, we knew that the almond growers have been looking for self-fertile varieties.
    I wonder how long before the almond orchards are converted to the new strains? If Ever?
    It sure would change life as we know it. 80% (per the article) of all bees used in the almonds. Wonder what percentage of packages come off those orchards? How many queen breeders depend on those package orders and re-queen & splits for their business? Whose crystal ball is working?

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    I think it will be years before this has an impact. Right now the price of almonds has tanked and most of the big growers are pulling trees, not planting. But I agree, it will change beekeeping throughout the US. I think the demand for bees has peaked, less new beekeepers and the price of bees has gotten so high that few are buying. And the price of honey has dropped which will affect us here on the east coast.