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Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by eribla, Jun 22, 2019.

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    here we are at the end of the honey flow and - as in every year- there are a considerable amount of frames that have very nice capped honey on it, but also uncapped honey cells.

    I am always in doubt on how to use those and if there is a way to make the bees cap them.
    I am also not sure anymore what the percentage of uncapped vs capped cells was that makes a frame ready to be harvested but I always err on the safe side (almost none) and never had honey that would ferment later.

    I don't want/need to use these frames as food for the summer as I still have plenty of sugar-water honey frames as food in the freezer.

    Here are some crazy ideas:

    - Cut out \scrape out the uncapped cells before processing the frames.

    - Spin these frames without uncapping the capped cells to get the "bad" honey out first.
    Clean extractor and harvest the real honey.

    - take some of the uncompleted frames out of the hive and let the bees clean them.
    Hopefully they will fill and cap some more frames in the hive.

    What do YOU do?

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    if 2/3 of the honey on the frame is capped, and the rest isn't runny (aka running out of cell when I tip it), I harvest it, spin in the extractor and off we go to jars. I haven't had any spoil on me yet
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