Another day to put a suit on, lol (my swarm)

Discussion in 'General Beekeeping' started by Gypsi, Sep 10, 2012.

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    My helper and I are out cutting down and cutting up my sickly 10 year old oak tree, when I look over my garage and note that bees are suddenly working my crape myrtle? I almost cut it down this morning (it is going for roof and foundation reasons), but opted for the oak first.

    Thousands of bees buzzing in it. A perfect little swarm. My happiest most successful vsh hive has been a bit crowded Lately. No varroa, almost no shb, no big issues, and actually each box has 3 empty frames, but there is crowding around the entrance and some bearding at night.

    Since they hadn't requeened, the queen is a last fall queen probably. The other vsh swarmed to my neighbor's house 2 weeks ago. This one hasn't chosen a spot. I think a suit and ladder are in my future, as soon as I scrounge up some equipment. And brood. And a queen excluder to go over the bottom board for a few days?