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"Saving the Bees" Is a feel good social/political reach around.
There is an elephant in the room.
The way to save the bees is to stop migratory pollination practices.
Commercial bee breeding has gotten us where we are, the genetics of a few are influencing the genetics of the entire continent via migratory practices.
Floridian and Hawaiian bees can be found in the Upper Peninsula, WTF? That would never happen in nature.
Small time Beekeepers are learning to fight this with selective breeding of their own stocks.
Don't get caught up in the grass is greener syndrome, you will never have PERFECT bees.
Nurture the colonies you have that do well and cull/re-queen the rest (they are a waste of gear).
Saving a mite bomb is saving for a repeat performance down the line (insanity), that line of bees needs to end.
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