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Wondering if anyone here happens to have ever tried growing artichokes? A local CSA farm here in Colorado has them, and I just thought I'd give it a try, I'm only out a few seeds if they don't make it. But any tips you might have would be fantastic.

The goal, from some things I read about them, was to try to force first year production by getting them outside in cool weather for a while, after they had 2 sets of true leaves, to try to force a false cold weather dormancy. They had true leaves a month ago and today was 40 and that's the coolest it's been in weeks, and that's passing and we'll be back in the 70's by Wednesday. So, the whole "putting them outdoors in early spring" idea is kinda shot. It's not looking like it's going to cool down again here until, oh...October. I wanted to try for first year production because overwintering them will be very difficult.

Any thoughts on how to get a plant cooled off for a couple weeks...but maintain enough light for it, when you don't have airconditioning? Or should I just forget it, get them in the ground and work on overwinter ideas and hope they make it for next year?

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