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Baiting Honeybees

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To keep the girls busy, and so they will let me get close, I put some corn syrup down on a pumpkin flower. The pumpkin pollen is huge and sticks to their fur because it is barbed. Shot hand held with a Canon MPE-65mm macro lens using the Left Hand Brace Technique.

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Thanks guys :)

Actually corn syrup is the difference between getting the shot or going home empty handed... ;)

I had the first shot printed poster size yesterday (24"x36") -plenty of pixels for a print that size because I don't crop in post.
I take a lot of photos Charles -just too many variables to account for. Just when I think I've got it nailed the critter moves an antenna a millimeter or two and the shot is junk...

The first image in this post was selected by National Geographic as one of their Daily Dozen images for the 4th week of August :)
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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